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Thanksgiving Crafts for Kids

Thanksgiving Crafts for Kids

Thanksgiving Crafts for Kids are very special. Thanksgiving is practically around the bend, and I’m getting overly eager to celebrate! Here at Happiness is Homemade, our perusers LOVE our well-known arrangement of “Fast and Easy Kids Crafts That Anyone Can Make!” and have been requesting that I catch up with more accumulations of snappy and simple children make thoughts. Today we’re presenting to you an all-new gathering of Quick and Easy Thanksgiving Kids Crafts that take under 30 minutes to make! They’re ideal for everybody from starting crafters to experienced creators!

These magnificent Thanksgiving-themed specialties don’t require any extraordinary instruments or abilities, so they’re incredible for guardians who don’t see themselves as “cunning.” Everyone can get innovative with these basic thoughts!

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Thanksgiving Crafts for Kids


Reused Food Can (cleaned and dried, with top and base expelled)

Dark-colored Paint

Elmer’s CraftBond Quick Dry Glue

Elmer’s Medium Tip Painters Pen, Orange

Huge Googly Eyes

Strips in Fall Colors

Plumes, Felt, or potentially Construction Paper in Fall Colors (can blend and match)

Veiling Tape, discretionary

For this task, there are bunches of various alternatives in material decisions that can be blended and coordinated to make your art. In our model windsocks, we utilized development paper and plumes for the turkey’s quills, however, you could likewise utilize felt crepe paper, leaves, or other comparable supplies that you may as of now have close by.

Start by painting the can darker and enabling it to dry totally before utilizing the Painters marker to draw the turkey’s snout.

Connect the googly eyes to the can utilizing Elmer’s CraftBond Quick-Dry paste.

Run a thick line of paste inside the edge at the posterior of the can, and join the turkey’s tail “plumes” (produced using genuine quills, development paper, felt, and so on.). Note: if the inside edge of your can has sharp edges, you can cover it with a layer or two of veiling tape to secure your fingers!

Utilize the paste to connect a red wattle (made of felt or paper) and a strip for hanging.

Thanksgiving Turkey Treat Buckets:

These cute Thanksgiving Turkey Treat Buckets, a minor departure from our prominent Thanksgiving Turkey Windsocks create, are an immense hit with “kids” everything being equal! Anybody from preschoolers to grown-ups will have some good times making this charming Thanksgiving treat, and it just takes a couple of minutes and a bunch of provisions!

I got the majority of my provisions from Oriental Trading Company, and I am in every case reliably intrigued with how decent their top-notch specialty supplies are, particularly since they’re SO all around valued!


Dark-colored 3″ Metal Pails

Arranged Turkey Feathers

Glue Craft Foam

Googly Eyes

Cheap Glue or Low-Temp Glue Gun

What’s more, remember to get a couple of sweet treats to fill the basins we utilized Fall Hershey’s Kisses, Orange Foil-Wrapped Caramels, and Candy Corn!

Run a line of Tacky Glue along the top outside edge of the container and join 4-6 plumes to the paste. Enable the paste to dry. (Note: more seasoned kids can accelerate this procedure by utilizing a low-temperature paste firearm rather than Tacky Glue).

Paste two enormous googly eyes to the front of the container, and cut a snout and snood from the cement specialty froth.

Fill the turkey treat basins with your preferred desserts and confections.

You could likewise add an ID to make charming Thanksgiving spot cards!

These adorable turkey treat cans additionally look incredible in the focal point of your eating table as a component of your Thanksgiving highlight style, and visitors can bring home a yummy cute gift toward the part of the arrangement.

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